5 McCallum Songs [soprano​/​pno]

by Nicholas Deyoe

I want you to look at me with throbbing eyes I want to watch me through you and feel your tears of adoration construct this image like a nude air brush the rough edges feel you painful longing for someone else that it seems you've always wanted there is a paradise under these clothes a fairy tale waiting to be opened I want to show you the cover and snatch the book away.
I woke up sweating breathless. She fleeting image. 
I felt I had just barely escaped. Laying there beside me her eyelids twitched
 sending me around to my sleep.
 Itching aching I crossed the room
 to calm myself in front of the mirror 
like it's gonna make us feel better.
 How can you dream of she?
 Don't you know that I have to look her in the eyes? There's an open door
 the wind's too strong 
if I don't act now it will sweep her away. 
She stands, proud and lonely.
ah, now you see that I'm something superior and I'll feed you and I'll dress you and I'll keep you never lonely You look so angelic with black tears on your cheeks Your begging eyes free my soul I'll never let you go.
to convince you to convince you to convince you to convince you to convince you only
I walked you to your door I fumbled over doubt and projection I smiled said goodnight and as I turned you grabbed me and kissed me


soprano and piano


released November 25, 2011

composed by Nicholas Deyoe

performed by Stephanie Aston (voice) and Brendan Nguyen (piano)

text by Clinton McCallum

recorded by Clinton Davis


all rights reserved


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